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Daniel O'Donnell Fan Club Your Invitation To Join The Daniel O'Donnell Fan Club

As a Member you will receive four copies of the exclusive 'Daniel' magazine per year. The magazine is full of all the latest news from Daniel, special features, new releases and his tour dates.

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If you wish become a member of the Daniel O'Donnell Fan Club, the annual fees are:

1 Year Membership for UK 10.00 (Sterling) per person
1 Year Membership for Ireland/Europe 12.00 (Sterling) per person
1 Year Membership for OVERSEAS 18.00 (Sterling) or USD32.00 (US Dollars only) per person

Unfortunately we can not accept Australian Dollars due to the exchange rates. Australian Fans can send a Sterling Bankers Draft or payment by credit card is accepted, the payment is taken in Sterling but will show as Aus Dollars on your statement. Euro Cheques and CASH are also NOT accepted.

To join, you can download an application form by clicking above, and send it with your payment details to the address below or you can e-mail the application to: suzanne@danielodonnellfanclub.com

Daniel O'Donnell Fan Club
PO BOX 1190
WD23 9GR

Further joining/renewal information can be obtained by emaling suzanne@danielodonnellfanclub.com

If you lose any item ie. Membership Card,etc. you can get a replacement, however you will have to pay a replacement fee. NOTE: When renewing you do not receive a new Membership Card, etc. so please take care of them.